Gentle, botanical skincare and beeswax lip balms;  Handmade in Hackney

Hartley Hare Lip Balm Ring


Gift Wrap

The Hare has long been known as a symbol of fertility, the coming of Spring and general madness…We at Andrea Garland have always admired the general kookiness and get up and go wild of these long legged lapins. So we thought we would celebrate our buck toothed friends by bringing out our very own tribute to hare brained plans of Spring that will make you bounce through any winter blues. With a Hare on your hand and a leap in your heart you can jump out of your bunny hole and run amok for the whole winter season…

This lip balm, in its secret compartment, is handmade with skin softening Shea Butter, sun protecting Red Raspberry Seed Oil and moisturising Sweet Almond Oil. Organic beeswax also helps guard the lips against weather extremities. Delicately fragranced with chapped skin helper benzoin, healing lavender and zesty and germ busting grapefruit this balm is sure to protect lips whatever the weather.

Get a refill for price of return postage! See our refill page for more details
Two ring sizes available - (approximately) 6/small and 8/medium
**please note that the ring band is slightly adjustable so the ring can be expanded**

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