About Us

Illustration of a woman wearing a hat



A vintage beauty!


Beginning from a market stall in  London’s Brick Lane in 2009 selling one-off vintage tins, pill boxes and compacts filled with homemade balm – each one  a small work of art. Andrea Garland’s collection now extends to pendants brooches, whimsical oversized rings and an eclectic range of designed pill boxes. Alongside Andrea’s  trademark lip balms her aromatherapy based skincare products (which appear in folksy illustrated packaging) continue to expand to a great reception.


The brand has grown from its small beginnings in her Hackney kitchen to now selling to high street stores in the UK and worldwide. It has also had great success in two collaborations with Liberty of London.


Andrea Garland’s Natural Beauty Products are all handmade in Hackney,  East London. All ingredients are natural, sourced from ethical suppliers and as many as possible are organic to ensure a more considerate, holistic and gentle approach to skincare. Absolutely none of the ingredients, or products have been tested on animals.