Liberty Print Pill Box - Lagos Red


Brand new collaboration with Liberty of London for Autumn 2015.

Liberty print compacts adorned with four fabulous and classic Liberty of London prints; This is Lagos Red, a beautiful 30's inspired paisley print from the Merton Studios. These beautiful compacts, with handy mirrors inside,  are full of 100% natural and handmade in Hackney lip balm, enriched with protective beeswax, super softening shea butter and nourishing Sweet Almond oil.  Delicately fragranced with zesty grapefruit and the conqueror of chapped lips benzoin, these compacts are sure to delight and cheer throughout the dark wintry months ahead.

Get a refill for price of return postage. See our refill page for more details.


Sweet Almond oil, Beeswax *, Shea butter*, Red raspberry seed oil *, Vitamin E oil, Benzoin, Grapefruit, Lime *, Lavender * and Carotene

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