January Sale is now on and the return of the legendary Lip Balm Tombola! 

Kits in Tins - In Flight Kit


 “Trains and boats and planes”... Don’t you just love that song? Well if you opt for the planes instead of the trains then we have just the thing .... Our Flight Kit makes flying through the stratosphere a lot more glamorous; like the long forgotten golden age of air travel . Honeysuckle Nourishing Balm and Chamomile Rolling Remedy ensure calm skies ahead, block out the snorer next door with our ear plugs and avoid that interminable mid Atlantic conversation from the John Candy character in Seat C with our Winking Eye Shades.

Kit contains:

- Calming Chamomile Rolling Remedy (10mls)

- Nourishing Honeysuckle Balm in a pill box (6mls)

- Winking Eye Shades

- Ear plugs

- Flight notes 

 All packaged in a retro silver tin. 

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