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Crafted in small batches in Hackney, East London

Kits in Tins - Get Happy Smile Kit


Are you scared to get happy? Don’t be scared, just get our Happy Set, this perfect solution to every malaise of the Twenty First Century. The euphoric scents of our Tangerine and Orange Rolling Remedy brings on a smile which you can polish with Marvellous ‘Marvis’ Cinnamon toothpaste, using a monogrammed travel toothbrush. Finishing it all off with a soft set of lips thanks to a zesty uplifting grapefruit lip balm...what could be better? Well, it comes in a lovely handy tin - ah and a lovely little crib card to keep happy thoughts in your head.

Kit contains:

- Gloom Busting Grapefruit 100% natural lip balm in a pill box (6mls)

- Tangerine and Orange Rolling Remedy (5mls)

- ‘Marvis’ Cinnamon toothpaste (25mls)

- Travel toothbrush

- Happy notes

All packaged in a retro silver tin. 

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