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Violet Facial Polish


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A finely milled facial polish rich in antioxidants formulated with brown rice powder and absorbing Brazilian purple clay, rich in naturally occuring copper, selenium, magnesium, zinc and manganese.  Scented with regenerative Violet Leaf essential oil to gently polish, detox and clarify the skin.

Zero waste, sustainable beauty as once used up, order a refill and be a friend to the environment as well as your purse.

Usage: Use 2-3 times per week.  Pour a teaspoonful into your palm, add a little warm water and mix into a paste.  Immediately massage onto damp skin and rinse off (let dry for 2 minutes for extra cleanse before rinsing off). Application can be a little bit messy so best to apply in the bath (our fave!) or over the sink!

Suitable for:  Dull/sensitive/oily skin

Size: 40mls

Star Ingredients:

Violet: Circulatory booster Violet oil will restore vital moisture, refresh the complexion and inhibit the appearance of wrinkles. Has a calming effect on the mind as well as inflamed skin.

Brazilian Purple Clay: Rich in minerals such as copper, zinc and selenium and has powerful detoxifying properties so its ability to absorb toxins and cleanse the skin is supreme.  Leaves skin clarified, refreshed and soothed. Highly recommended for oily, sensitive and dull skin. 

Brown Rice Powder: Used in Japanese skin care throughout the centuries. Packed full of nutrients, anti oxidants and anti-aging properties whilst providing the skin with soothing and gentle exfoliation.  Has a super balancing effect leaving soft, smooth and luminous skin. 

Ground Rosehips: 100% ground Rosehips from the fruit of wild roses.   Packed with a bounty of nutrients that are highly beneficial for skin such as vitamins C, E, A and D. Rosehips also contain natural tretinoin, the acid form of vitamin A, which helps to delay the effects of skin ageing, promoting collagen and elastin levels and replenishing and rebuilding skin tissue. This helps to make the skin firmer, smoother and younger looking.

Ingredients: Brazilian Purple Clay, White Clay,  Brown Rice Powder*, Ground Rosehip powder*, Violet Leaf Oil, Lemon, Rose Geranium oil, Orange Blossom oil , Lavender oil  * - organic

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