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Mood Mask Mist - Love Joys to uplift and cheer


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Leaving the house these days can be something like this....

Handbag – check 
Keys- check
Mask- check 
One of our wonderful new essential oil scented mask mists just to make our new normal feel less clinical - check check check and check! 

Our brand new for Autumn mask mists are enriched with flower essences and essential oils to help lift and encourage moods; simply spray onto your mask just before use and inhale the 100% natural aromas.

Enriched with an indulgent, chocolate orange blend of essential oils and an uplifting flower essence remedy; this mist will help inspire happy and loving very useful for these times!

Zero waste, sustainable beauty as once used up, order a refill and be a friend to the environment as well as your purse.

100% Natural

Usage: Spray 1-3 sprays onto your face mask and wait a few seconds before use to allow alcohol to evaporate

Suitable for:  all skin types

Size: 30mls

Star Ingredients:

Cacoa essential oil: A truly scrumptious oil with the rich, warm, heavenly, aroma of fine chocolate. This hedonist oil can really help uplift the spirit and inspire feelings of joy and happiness.  

Bitter orange essential oil: A sunshine happy oil that really lifts the mood, instilling feelings of optimism and cheer; a brilliant and useful oil for winter months too.

Positivity Flower Essence Remedy:  Gently encourages positive and abundant thoughts, thinking outside the box, enhancing the possibility to make positive change.  Self love affirming, inspiring love in both heart and head. 

Ingredients: Aqua, Alcohol, Boab, Turkey Bush, Christmas bell, Bauhinia, Southern Cross,Wild Potato Bush, Little flannel flower, Banksia Robu,Theobroma Cacoa Oil, Citrus aurantium amara Peel Oil, Tagetes glandulifera flower oil

We love our planet and hate landfill so offering refills on all our products, even from our market stall days many years ago, has been incredibly important for us. So, your precious compact, glass pot or bottle can be used again and again and again...this is available to customers throughout the world too! Please see our refill page for how to order lip balm refills and individual product pages for skincare biodegradable refill packs. Sustainable beauty rules, ok! x

We formulate our gentle skincare range with an holistic approach to skincare. All contain the finest and freshest ingredients, with an emphasis on those that are plant based, organic and food grade. We aim to create formulas that both feed the skin and create a beautiful spectrum of natural colours. We hate waste so offer a refill service for all lip balms and biodegradable refill packs for all other products - a benefit for both the environment and your bank balance. We love animals; categorically no animal testing is conducted on any of our products or ingredients. All products are made by squeaky clean hands, in small batches in Hackney, East London.

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